Our family has been in the cattle business in this same county since 1860. In 1972 we became interested in producing F-1 cattle and purchased registered heifers from W. H. Stuart in Barton. We decided to breed the Brahman heifers to Brahman bulls until we had enough females for our intended
F-1 program. Once we started breeding Brahman cattle we were “hooked”! Even though we have produced a few F-1’s over the years, we focused primarily on Brahman purebred stock.

 Several large commercial producers use our bulls for the type quality beef cattle production that meets the ever growing market demand. We stay in contact with them throughout the marketing chain to keep an understanding of market development and fluctuation in order to produce the type of bulls they need. We also evaluate our pure bred steers for carcass data in order to produce better market animals.

Rocking S Ranch is a proud producer of Registered American Brahman Cattle grown on the pastures of the great state of Florida.